What Instagram Thursday is and how it works

A monthly opportunity to connect

Thursday Society is an open artists’ collective, which means that you can join us and connect with other members. An easy way to start is to take part our monthly Instagram Thursday events.

To take part you don’t have to define yourself as an artist, but you do need to be making or planning creative work. Read ‘Do I count as an artist?’ here.

After making a connection through Instagram Thursday, members often go on to organise Virtual Studio Visits and Thursday Society Circles. They also collaborate on creative projects and events. As a member, you’ll get information on all these opportunities in our newsletter.

How Instagram Thursday works

Instagram Thursday is a day-long social media event which happens on the first Thursday of every month. Each event has a theme and a special hashtag which we send by email to Thursday Society members.

To take part in Instagram Thursday, you share an image on Instagram. The image should be of something that inspires you and links in some way with our theme.

In the image caption you can write why you chose the image, and importantly, include the day’s special hashtag.  

If you’re not sure what hashtags are, read this helpful guide.  

New creative connections

Everyone who uses the Instagram Thursday hashtag is a member of our artists’ collective and they are open to new connections.

You can find members by searching for the hashtag on Instagram. Your image will appear to other members when they make the same search.

Members first connect by commenting on Instagram Thursday posts. We give lots of guidance around this, as well as each month’s special hashtag, in our newsletter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I make a connection with other members?
Most members go on to arrange Virtual Studio Visits or Thursday Society Circles. We give details about these in our newsletters and member guides.

How can I connect with members in my city?
We’ll introduce city-specific hashtags later this year.

Why do you use Instagram?
We use Instagram because it’s free, widely-used and easy to get started. We also like the idea of subverting social media by making it about connection rather than content. This article on social media explains some of our thinking.

I’m not an extrovert, will I be able to take part?
Yes, the aim of our collective is to build a community that encourages self-belief and gives our creativity structure. You can read why we think that’s important here. We organise Instagram Thursday to help our members first connect. You can watch the event and discussion by following the hashtag and take part when you are ready.

Photographs by Andrea Piacquadio, RF._.studio and cottonbro from Pexels